Conrad Harley Missing

Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) announced that they have successfully located a missing man who walked away from a downtown hospital while receiving treatment for a severe head injury. The man, identified as 32-year-old Conrad Harley, was admitted to the University of Louisville Hospital following a traumatic head injury, as reported by LMPD.

The Incident: Conrad Harley Missing

According to authorities, Conrad Harley left the hospital premises located at 530 South Jackson Street on July 4. Concerns for his safety grew due to his medical condition and the need for ongoing treatment. The LMPD launched a search operation to locate him and ensure his well-being.

Description of Conrad Harley:

Descriptive details about Harley were shared with the public in hopes of gathering information and assistance in finding him. He was described as approximately 5’9″ tall, with hazel eyes and brown hair. Notably, Harley had visible staples on his head from the surgical procedure he underwent. At the time he went missing, he was wearing a white t-shirt and dark gray sweatpants.

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Officials’ Confirmation of Safety:

Fortunately, the search efforts proved successful, and authorities located Conrad Harley. They confirmed that he is safe, alleviating concerns about his health and welfare. The exact circumstances surrounding his discovery have not been disclosed at this time.

The swift resolution to this incident highlights the effectiveness of the coordinated efforts by the Louisville Metro Police and the community in locating missing individuals. It also underscores the importance of public cooperation in sharing information and being vigilant in such situations.

The LMPD expressed its gratitude to everyone who aided in the search for Conrad Harley, acknowledging the significance of community support in ensuring the safety of its residents.

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