Cody Liddle Boat Accident

The fishing community is in disbelief and sorrow upon receiving the news of a terrible boat incident that occurred on Sunday, February 26, 2023, on Old Hickory Lake and involved one of their own, Cody Liddle from Lebanon, Tennessee. Keep reading to learn more about this incident.

Cody Liddle Boat Accident: Under Hospital Supervision

Reports indicate that Cody is currently at Vanderbilt in the trauma unit, where his condition is being closely monitored. The extent of his injuries is quite severe and includes a broken and lacerated jaw, multiple arm lacerations, and a bone that has been severed in three places.

Furthermore, he has suffered from a back fracture, the severity of which is still unknown and will be determined by an MRI. Cody lost a significant amount of blood during the incident and was given blood to stabilize him and raise his blood pressure. Although his arm will be operated on tomorrow, more information is needed about his other injuries. The fishing community is anxiously waiting for updates and sending their thoughts and prayers to Cody and his family during this challenging time.

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Cody Liddle: Gofundme

Ashley Beasley is spearheading a fundraising campaign on behalf of Cassandra Liddle, the wife of Cody Liddle, who was involved in a boating accident and sustained multiple injuries over the weekend. As Cody embarks on the long road to recovery, many people have reached out, offering to help with the expenses that will arise over the coming months, including hospital bills, insurance deductibles, and daily expenses such as food. Gofundme

Cody Liddle Boat Accident

Ashley is encouraging those who wish to support Cody and Cassie to make a donation, as any contribution will be greatly appreciated. However, she also notes that prayers for Cody’s recovery are equally valued and appreciated. Despite the overwhelming support received thus far, Ashley acknowledges that there is no way to express gratitude to everyone who has kept Cody in their thoughts and prayers.

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