Claudia Voight die

It is with deep sadness that the news of Claudia Voight’s passing on February 21, 2023, was announced on various social media platforms. She was the mother of award-winning NBC Connecticut news anchor and reporter, Heidi Voight. Keep reading to learn more.

How did Claudia Voight die? What was her Cause of death?

Claudia passed away surrounded by family who loved her unconditionally. While the exact cause of her death has not been made public by the family at the time of this report, the loss of this loving and caring mother, daughter, wife, and sister has left a profound impact on all who knew her.

Claudia Voight was undoubtedly a woman who was cherished by those close to her. Her warm and loving nature made her an exceptional mother, and she will be missed by her family and friends alike. Her passing is a significant loss not just for her immediate family but also for her extended family and the community she was a part of. Her contributions to society may have gone unnoticed by many, but her kindness and love will always be remembered.

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Who is Heidi Voight?

Heidi Voight, an award-winning news anchor and reporter for NBC Connecticut, has a deep connection to Milford, Connecticut, where she grew up. Known for its charm and seaside beauty, the town has earned the nickname “Small City with a Big Heart.” In 2018, the day before Mother’s Day, Heidi and her husband David welcomed their twin daughters, Apolonia (Polly) Rose and Violet Concetta, into the world, which brought immense joy to their lives. Heidi attended Southern Connecticut State University, where she was able to develop her communication skills and eventually became Miss Connecticut in 2006.

She represented the state at the Miss America Pageant, where she gained valuable experience and exposure. Today, Heidi is a prominent figure in the world of journalism and is recognized for her exceptional work. She can be seen regularly co-anchoring NBC Connecticut Today, alongside Ted Koppy and meteorologist Bob Maxon, from 4:30 to 7:00 am on weekdays, keeping the community informed and up-to-date with the latest news.

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 Obituary and funeral Arrangements

Claudia Voight

The family of Claudia Voight, who recently passed away, has announced that they will provide an obituary and funeral arrangements for her at a later time. This decision is understandable, as the family may need some time to grieve and make arrangements during this difficult time. Family and friends, as well as those who knew and loved Claudia, will undoubtedly be looking forward to paying their respects and saying goodbye.

Tributes to Claudia Voight

Jill Burnworth Smith Wrote,

Losing a parent is always tough, but I also know that when it’s unexpected and sudden, it adds a level of grief and sadness that seems insurmountable at times. I’m so very sorry for your loss, and pray you find the comfort and strength to grieve and love.

Judi King Wrote,

Heidi, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a loved one, but when it’s your mom, and it’s unexpected, it hurts the the worst. Just know you are surrounded with the prayers and caring thoughts from those who care about you. My condolences & prayers to you and your family.

Marlowe Mongillo-Ioime Wrote,

I’m so sorry Heidi. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.  The loss of a parent is absolutely devastating… But a sudden and unexpected loss in my opinion has added trauma… I’ve experienced both. Take care of yourself and lean on your family and friends. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but in time, you will be OK… Take good care. 🙏🏼💔🙏🏼

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