Chris Clifford Accident

Dr. Chris Clifford, a highly respected dentist from Newman Family Dental in Dearborn, tragically passed away due to a car accident that occurred on Monday, September 25, 2023. This unfortunate incident has left behind a grieving family, including his wife and five children, who are now coping with the profound loss of their beloved family member.

Who Was Dr. Chris Clifford?

Dr. Chris Clifford from Hartland, Michigan, was a cherished dentist associated with Newman Family Dental in Dearborn. He was not just a dentist but an exceptionally skilled one, graduating with top honors from the University of Michigan Dental School in 2009, where he ranked at the very top of his class. Dr. Clifford was known for his unwavering kindness and care towards every patient he served, and he carried a wealth of experience in his field. He leaves behind a loving family—a devoted wife and five children. Chris was a man of strong faith, exemplifying the teachings of Christ in his everyday life. His love for his family was deeply evident, and the void left by his passing is immeasurable. His memory will continue to live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

Chris Clifford Accident: How did Chris Clifford die?

A tragic incident unfolded on Monday afternoon when a fatal collision took place on the southbound lane of Telegraph at Carlysle St. The collision involved two vehicles, a Tesla Model S and a Dodge Challenger ScatPack, with the latter being driven by Dr. Clifford. Unfortunately, Dr. Clifford experienced a medical episode following the crash, adding to the complexity of the situation. Law enforcement authorities swiftly responded to the scene, closing the affected lane to conduct a thorough investigation.

As of now, the precise circumstances that led up to the collision remain unclear, and authorities are actively working to piece together the sequence of events. While the intersection has been reopened to traffic, the investigation is ongoing, and additional details may come to light as it progresses.

The community has been deeply affected by this tragic loss, and heartfelt thoughts and prayers are being extended to Dr. Clifford’s family as they navigate this incredibly challenging time.

Chris Clifford’s Cause of Death?

Chris Clifford, an esteemed member of the Newman Family Dental Center in Dearborn, Michigan, tragically lost his life in a car accident on Monday, September 25, 2023. The accident resulted in severe injuries that ultimately led to his passing. Dearborn Area local community expressed their heartfelt condolences through a Facebook post, sharing their sympathies with Dr. Chris Clifford’s family, friends, and patients.

Our condolences to the family, friends and patients of Dr. Chris Clifford, DDS, who was killed in a traffic accident, minutes from his work (Newman Family Dentistry, Dearborn). A highly skilled dentist, Dr. Clifford graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 2009 with high honors, ranking at the top of his class. He leaves behind his wife and five children.


Chris was known for his deep love for his family, unwavering faith, and commitment to living by the teachings of the Lord. His life exemplified qualities of generosity, kindness, and care, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew him. Though his family mourns his tragic loss, they take solace in the belief that he is now with his savior.

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GoFundMe: Remembering Chris Clifford

Cathy Benoit Bindschadler has taken the initiative to organize this fundraiser. As she grapples with the profound grief of losing someone dear, she humbly requests your support. Your contribution to this GoFundMe campaign will play a crucial role in honoring the memory of her loved one by alleviating the financial strain on the bereaved family. Whether it’s covering funeral expenses or providing the much-needed emotional support during this challenging time, every donation, no matter the amount, brings them closer to making this difficult journey a bit more manageable.

Currently, they’ve raised $16,660 USD out of their $100,000 target, with 131 generous donations received. The service to remember dear Chris is scheduled in just three days, on September 30, 2023. Your support is deeply appreciated during this trying period.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The obituary and funeral arrangements for Dr. Chris Clifford will be shared with the community at a later date. Right now, the family is going through a challenging period and needs time to cope and heal. They will update their friends and others when they feel emotionally prepared to share the funeral plans for Dr. Clifford.

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