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In a heart-wrenching incident in Southaven, Mississippi, a man named Charlie Joyner tragically lost his life after a heated argument with his girlfriend, Tiffany Monette. The unfortunate event occurred outside a pub on the night of Thursday, July 20, 2023, and resulted in severe head injuries for Joyner. This article explores the details surrounding the incident, the events that led up to it, and the charges brought against Monette in connection with Joyner’s death.

The Altercation at the Pub:

On the fateful night, Charlie Joyner and his girlfriend, Tiffany Monette, were inside a pub in Southaven, engaging in a heated argument. At some point during the disagreement, Monette expressed her intention to leave the establishment. However, Joyner tried to prevent her from doing so by standing in front of the pickup truck she was driving.

The Tragic Turn of Events:

As Joyner stood in front of the vehicle, a witness reported that Monette drove the pickup truck, which was towing a trailer, towards Joyner. It appeared that she was intentionally trying to harm or intimidate him. This dangerous act was caught on surveillance footage from a nearby company. The video showed Monette leaving the parking lot at a high speed immediately after the incident.

Charlie Joyner’s Injury and Passing:

The confrontation resulted in Charlie Joyner suffering severe head injuries. He was rushed to the Regional One Trauma Center for immediate medical attention. Despite efforts to save his life, Joyner ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Legal Consequences:

Following the tragic incident, Tiffany Monette faced serious legal repercussions for her actions. She was charged with both manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an accident that caused injury or death. These charges reflect the gravity of the situation and the responsibility placed on Monette for her role in the events leading to Joyner’s untimely demise.

Tiffany Monette

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Impact on Others:

Beyond the legal implications, the incident also took an emotional toll on the family and loved ones of both Joyner and Monette. In a separate and unrelated incident, a member of the MLGW CEO’s family reportedly received death threats from a client, adding further distress to an already somber situation.

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