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It is with great sadness to announce the unexpected passing of Charity Huntley. She was a talented singer, model, and dancer who was well-known in the Jacksonville community. Her sudden death has left many of her fans and loved ones shocked and grieving. Charity’s legacy as a performer will undoubtedly live on, and her contributions to the local arts scene will not be forgotten.

Who was Charity Linique?

Charity Linique, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, knew from a young age that she was destined to be an artist. Her debut project, “SWEET NOTHINGS,” showcases her thoughts on remaining focused on one’s true passion, even in the face of adversity. As a singer-songwriter, she aims to encourage fellow creatives to stay the course and keep their eyes fixed on their dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

Before pursuing music full-time, C. Linique explored a variety of other creative avenues, including freelance modeling, professional dance for the Jacksonville Giants, and corporate America. However, she always felt a sense of incompleteness and knew that she was meant for something greater.Despite the challenges she has faced, Charity Linique has remained steadfast and graceful. Her experiences have inspired her to write songs that are both relatable and straightforward, conveying her message without any tricks or gimmicks. She embraces her Duval culture and upbringing, adding a touch of authenticity to her work.

Charity Linique’s debut project will be accompanied by a short film, which is set to be released soon. Her unique voice and raw talent have already left a significant impression on the artistic community, and it’s clear that she is destined for great things.

How did Charity Linique die? What was her Cause of death?

Charity Linique, a prominent figure known for her creative artistry, strong leadership, and advocacy for women’s rights, has passed away suddenly. The news of her death was announced on April 7, 2023, leaving her family, friends, and followers in shock and grief. Charity was a well-respected member of the Jacksonville, Florida community, where she had lived for many years. Her death comes as a surprise as no cause of death has been reported at the time of this publication. Her passing is a great loss for those who knew and loved her, as well as for the artistic and feminist communities she was a part of. During this difficult time, many are sending thoughts and prayers to her loved ones as they navigate this painful loss.

Corey Ling Wrote,

My sister man 💔😞😢Charity Linique I’m so overwhelmed we literally made hits I hate you’re not here right now and it’s messed up how things went down!!! 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 GOD HAS THE LAST SAY!!

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Charity Linique has announced that her obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared at a later time. As the community mourns her sudden passing, her loved ones are taking time to grieve and process their loss. Further details about how to honor and remember Charity will be provided in due course.

Tributes to Charity Linique

Armand Lous Wrote,

These last couple weeks and months I seen a shift in you Charity Linique you told me this was your “soft girl era “and opportunities was aligning for you ! i just had a feeling you would make it out global 💔if I knew wed would be the last we spoke I would have told you how proud I am and how much love I got for your passion to make it.. my condolences 💐 to your family your lil bro you love so much and the photography and model community of Jacksonville we lost a real one 🥹

Tia Coleman Wrote,

My Beyonce.

Thank you for so many years of sisterhood .

So many years of supporting each other & hyping each other up to be the baddest in the game at whatever it was we set our hearts out to do! I love you charity the icon , the BLUEPRINT 💕💎

To know you was a true experience, the C.Linique experience 🏆

James Schlefstein Wrote,

Charity Linique I can’t begin to tell you how bad my heart is crushed… I texted you Tuesday and asked you to call me last night at 8pm. I literally woke up at 2am and thought to myself why she didn’t call me… Only to wake up to some of the worst possible news I could get…. You were so ambitious and wanted it more than anybody I know… We were devising a plan together to make it happen…

RIP Friend… Your creativity and ambition will be missed.

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