Brittany Hightower

Brittany Hightower, a 22-year-old Texan, passed away on January 1st, 2023, following a long battle with sickle cell. Reports suggest that she may have followed her mother into the afterlife just days after her mother’s passing. Sadly, Brittany’s death could have been avoided if not for the negligent care she received at the hospital, and the police brutality she suffered. As the family of Brittany seeks justice and closure, let us look back on this tragic story and remember it as we work towards protecting all of our communities.

Who was Brittany Hightower?

Brittany Hightower was a beloved member of the sickle cell community, and her death has come as a shock to many. She was actively involved in their mental health live streams and forums, often posting about stopping mental abuse. She also ran a page @slay.the.sickle.cycle to spread awareness in the community. Unfortunately, Brittany Hightower passed away on January 1, 2023, a few days after her mother’s demise. Her death marks the third loss in the sickle cell community, leaving many grieving.

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What happened to Brittany Hightower?

Brittany Hightower’s unfortunate experience at the Houston hospital is indicative of the systemic racism that still persists in our society. Despite her being admitted due to a medical condition, she was instead subjected to verbal abuse and physical assault which is completely unacceptable. This is evidenced in various videos posted online by a family member, showing the mistreatment that Brittany faced. Such treatment should not be tolerated and more needs to be done to ensure that people are not discriminated against due to their race or background.

In the wake of Brittany Hightower’s unfortunate and untimely death, her family is seeking answers and justice. It is their hope that through legal action and a sense of closure, they can find some solace in the midst of their deep grief. To that end, they are asking anyone who has experienced similar treatment or witnessed negligence at this hospital or any other healthcare facility to come forward. With Brittany’s family’s help, we can honor her memory by taking action for those in need of justice. We must not let Brittany’s death be in vain.

Brittany Hightower

Brittany Hightower and other activists have made it clear that more must be done to ensure everyone receives proper medical care, regardless of race or medical condition. They are calling on lawmakers to enact tougher laws regarding patient rights and protection from police brutality within health care settings in order to remove any fear that patients may experience when seeking medical attention. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, as no one deserves to feel scared or mistreated when they are trying to get the medical help they need. Brittany Hightower and other advocates of patient rights deserve our recognition and support in this fight.

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Sharing Condolences on Social media

Brittany Hightower’s story is a prime example of how medical professionals and law enforcement officers can both be responsible for the death of an innocent person. Her family deserves to know the truth and receive justice for what happened, which is why lawmakers must take action to ensure that cases like this never happen again. Social media can help spread awareness about these kinds of tragedies and put pressure on politicians until real change is made possible. It is important to remember Brittany Hightower’s story, so that similar cases do not occur in the future.

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