Brendan Kivlehan Died

Tragedy struck on Monday, August 21, 2023, when Brendan Kivlehan lost his life in a severe car accident on I-90 in Washington state. The accident, caused by a single vehicle, was driven by 20-year-old Julian Dayap from Everett. This incident has left family and friends grieving the loss of both Brendan M. Kivlehan and Natalie S. Nicoletti.

Brendan Kivlehan Died in an Accident: How It Happened

The accident happened not far from Cle Elum when Julian Dayap was driving a 2013 Subaru Legacy. He couldn’t manage a left turn and ended up swerving into the right lane. The car went off the road and stopped in a ditch near some trees. Brendan M. Kivlehan, aged 26, from Palos Heights, Illinois, and Natalie S. Nicoletti, aged 24, from Countryside, Illinois, sadly lost their lives in the crash. This happened about three miles east of Cle Elum. Both of them were from Illinois.

This tragic incident, occurring on a Monday afternoon, reminds us how fragile life is and how important it is to drive safely. The person driving the Subaru got hurt and had to be flown to Harborview Medical Center for quick medical help. Another passenger, a 21-year-old woman from Chicago, Illinois, got injured too and was taken to the same medical center. The State Patrol told us that the Subaru was moving in the left westbound lane on Interstate 90 when the accident happened. Suddenly, it shifted into the right lane while the road was turning left. The car kept going in that direction until it went off the road.

The car traveled a bit more before stopping in a ditch. People are trying to figure out why the car left the road in the first place. The investigation is still going on to find out more details.

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