Brayden Laing

Brayden Laing, beloved by many, sadly passed away on January 12th, 2023 due to a tragic motorcycle accident. He was an incredibly kind individual who would always offer help whenever he could. That kindness resonated with so many and will be missed dearly. Read to know more..

Brayden Laing Accident: How it happen

Brayden Laing’s death last January 12, 2023 due to a tragic motorcycle accident has left a wide gap in the life of his beloved wife Camille Laing and those who knew him. As part of a well-known family here in Nibley Utah, Brayden and his relatives had made numerous contributions to the community that would not fade away with his passing. Of course, Camille is not alone in her grief — LeGrand Laing, Brayden’s father is an instructor at the Institute at Utah State University who had worked with many children and adolescents in Mtn Peak Volleyball. His mother Becca Laing has also been busy being a stay-at-home parent for the past few years and has raised six remarkable children by her own merits. This family was truly an essential part of this wonderful community.

Brayden Laing Accident

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Obituray and Funeral

This is an incredibly heartbreaking time for all involved, but your generous donations can help lighten the load. Our goal is to raise a total of $25,000 to cover the funeral expenses and other costs that may come up during this process. To be able to give even a little bit towards this cause would make such a difference in helping our family honor their son properly after his passing. If each person could give just a few dollars, it would add up quickly and we’d soon reach our target number! Any gift at all, no matter how small or large, would be so greatly appreciated by those involved and show them there really are still good people in the world who are willing to lend a supporting hand. There’s no need to struggle with this burden alone – let’s unite as a community and do what we can to support these grieving hearts in their time of mourning.

As the Laing family struggles to get by during this extremely difficult time, any contribution made in their honor can make a lasting impact – no matter how small. From offering meals or paying for essentials, to direct financial assistance through Venmo, any donation made to this deserving family will be more than appreciated. We certainly encourage everyone to do whatever they are able in order to help them move forward and get back on their feet. Thank you for your generosity and your great willingness to assist in times of need.

Donating money to those in need is a thoughtful act. Contribute to the cause of helping the Porritt family by using Venmo, a secure payment processor with two payment options available. Pay safely through @LeGrandandbecca-Laing if you wish to remain anonymous, or pay directly through @Morgan-Porritt if you prefer. All donations made through these accounts will be sent directly to the Porritt family—show your support and donate today!

Tribute to Brayden Laing

Losing a loved one is an excruciating tragedy. We join together in prayer and support for those whose journey has taken them to the death of a beloved person. Though difficult and sad, their departure from this life implies that there was a purpose and place to their time on Earth. Reflecting on these thoughts can help bring some peace during these devastating times.

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