Baylen Levine

Baylen Levine made a name for himself as one of the funniest and most entertaining YouTube personalities. His comedic pranks had millions of viewers, who were all shocked to hear reports that Levine had unfortunately passed away. Thankfully, this news quickly proved to be untrue, and instead, social media users rejoiced in learning that Baylen was still alive and doing fine. As longtime fans of his videos, we can all be delighted at the prospect of seeing more outrageous vlogs from him in the future.

Who was Baylen Levine? Is Baylen Levine Dead or Alive

Baylen Levine is one YouTuber who has made a name for himself as something of a prankster and social media celebrity. His videos, such as “Call of Duty in the Library” and “Car Wash Hostage,” always receive a lot of attention from watchers who love his unique combination of wit and pranking abilities. Born on October 30th 2000 and hailing from the United States of America, he currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida where he just bought his own house. His real name is Ben Dover, while his close friends Kyle Johnson and Lil Peej are popular influencers too with whom he has collaborated on content creation. As a Scorpio zodiac sign, Baylen shares his sharp wit to entertain millions of viewers worldwide with humorous videos that are sure to make them laugh out loud.

Baylen Levine

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Profile summary

Full nameBen Dover Also known as Baylen Levine
Date of birth30th October 2000 Age 21 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthUnited States of America
Current residenceJacksonville, Florida, United States of America
Height6’0″ feet
Weight62 kilograms
Relationship statusSingle
FatherAdam Levine
Levine’s sisterLilah Levine
EducationHigh school
ProfessionYouTuber and social media influencer
 Net worth$2 million
FacebookBaylen Levine
YouTubeBaylen Levine

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Baylen Levine’s Career

His career as an entertainer is truly remarkable. In December 2017, he started his YouTube channel, which featured his very first video, Farting On People Prank!, released on 18th January 2018. This kickstarted his journey to digital stardom, as he began sharing entertaining content on Instagram and TikTok. He is already gathering quite a few dedicated fans; currently boasting 3.2 million followers and over 64.9 million likes across both platforms together! As of writing this paragraph, his YouTube channel has more than 170 videos under its belt – a testament to the remarkable success that this young star has achieved in such a short span of time! In addition, today he shared on twitter.

Baylen Levine’s Net worth

Naibuzz confirms he has a net worth of $2 million. Over the years, his success as an influencer and content creator has earned him substantial wealth. His social media fame continues to grow, allowing him to make lucrative deals on a regular basis.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

When was Baylen Levine’s first video?

Baylen Levine’s YouTube career started off with an incredibly successful video: Farting On People Prank!, which Baylen uploaded in January 2018. The hilarious, low budget prank has been viewed more than 441 thousand times, setting Baylen up for a long and successful career as an online content creator.

What is Baylen Levine’s net worth?

According to Naibuzz, his net worth is about $2 million.

Baylen Levine’s house The YouTuber owns a house.

Baylen Levine announced quite an exciting news this in early 2021 – he bought a house! He shared the details with his fans on his YouTube channel, ‘I Bought a House!’

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