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A man from Berks County has been charged with the alleged murder of a woman named Ashley Sarazen, who was from the Pittsburgh area. The incident took place in a hotel room located in Harrisburg during the early hours of Friday morning. Continue reading this article to discover further details about this incident.

Who Was Ashley Sarazen?

Ashley Sarazen, who was 38 years old, worked as a Business Development Account Manager at Cove PREP. She also served as a Residential Advisor. She had studied at Point Park University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections. She had previously attended the Community College of Allegheny County, where she received an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections. Additionally, she had experience in Social Media Marketing.

Ashley Sarazen Died: How It Happened

Officials from Dauphin County have reported that a 38-year-old woman named Ashley Sarazen was found on Friday morning. A 32-year-old man named Travis Collins, who lives in Kempton, has been accused of murder. The situation unfolded like this, as stated in a legal document: Collins explained to the police that he had met Sarazen at a bar, and they had gone back to his room at the Hilton on North 2nd Street. Here’s what Collins told the police happened next:

After engaging in sexual activities, Collins went to the bathroom. When he returned, he saw Sarazen looking through his wallet. Collins confronted her and then went back to the bathroom to get his things.

Upon his return to the room, Sarazen allegedly hit him in the head with the hotel room phone.

Collins shared that he responded by hitting her multiple times with his fist, causing her to fall onto the bed. He continued to strike her before pinning her down on the floor and strangling her until she passed away, as recounted to the investigators.

At around 3 a.m., Collins called the police to the hotel and informed them that a woman had assaulted him and had died. When officers arrived, Collins had blood on his hands as he opened the hotel door. The room was also covered in blood, according to the police.

Collins has been held in Dauphin County Prison, and bail has been denied, according to court records.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The family of Ashley Sarazen will be announcing her obituary and details of her funeral arrangements in the near future. Currently, they are focused on maintaining their privacy, giving themselves the needed time to mourn, and ensuring all necessary arrangements are made.

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