Amber Sheehy

Reports of Amber Sheehy’s sudden death on Saturday, January 14, 2023, have left everyone stunned. A little girl with her whole life ahead of her, people are paying her heartfelt tributes in disbelief that she has left the world so young.

It is a tragic event that has taken away someone so precious to those close to her. It is heartbreaking to know that due to such an unexpected and premature death, Amber will not get to experience the life that lay ahead for her. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible loss.

Amber Sheehy was a brave little girl who faced her fate with grace. Though she only lived for nine years, Amber left us with wonderful memories of her life. We will miss her deeply, but we can find solace knowing that she is happy now – Amber passed away peacefully at 11pm on 14 January 2023 with no pain or discomfort, just as we wished it would be. Let us take comfort in remembering the light and love that she brought into our lives during her short time here on earth.

Her father, Jon Sheehy, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook.

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Amber Sheehy: What happened to her and Cause of death

Amber Sheehy’s family and friends are saddened by the news of her passing. Amber was an incredible child who touched many people’s hearts, in particular Norwich City Football Club supporters who had the privilege of applauding Amber from the stands. The story of how she battled a medulloblastoma brain tumor with bravery and resilience only added to her tremendous legacy.

In April 2019, at just five years old, she began feeling headaches and morning sickness, leading to a diagnosis of a tumor. Her family took care of Amber as she underwent surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy in hopes of eliminating the tumor. Even after spending two years at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, more tests revealed the illness had returned but could not be treated. Despite this tragic situation, Amber will forever remain a beacon of hope for all cancer fighters, and those who loved her will remember her inspiring spirit.

Amber Sheehy

Amber Sheehy fought a brave fight for three and a half years. Despite the tough journey set in front of her, she stayed strong, always seen with a smile and laugh. Not once did she let her bald head or tubes coming from her body get the better of her. Sadly, Amber passed away on January 14, 2023 but despite it all, she made sure to never surrender even until the very end.

Canaries fan of the season

Amber has certainly earned her recognition this season as the Canaries fan of the season and the club’s May Community Hero! After being diagnosed with a brain tumour at an early age of five, she was awarded the 2021–2022 Michelle Dack Fan of the Season, which included a trophy and shirt personalized with a signature.

Later this month, Amber had the privilege to collect her rewards from the Lotus Training Centre at Colney. Her strength and positivity landed her goal-side conversations with some members of the first team, particularly Tim Krul and Angus Gunn, from which she was inspired to make her mission of playing goal for her first team next season known! We look forward to her success that is surely on its way.

Tributes to Amber Sheehy

Words can’t describe the sorrow of the passing of a loved one. People all around have shared their condolences with the family of this remarkable person, bearing witness to how much she meant to them. Their heartfelt sympathy is a testament to her memorable life and extraordinary impact on those lucky enough to know her.

Haley Wiseman Commented,

Amber will always be in our hearts. 💗 What a true warrior she was. Sending all our love and thoughts to you all. Amber will live on forever in the legacy of Ambers Army 💗xxxxxx sleep tight beautiful girl xxxxx

Scott James Commented,

What an amazing young girl, a fighter until the end. Thoughts are with you all. Sleep tight amber ❤️

Amanda Vincent Commented,

A brave and inspirational little girl. Rest in peace darling girl. Sending love to you all 💚 xxx

Losing a loved one is the worst experience. We send thoughts and prayers to Amber’s family, friends, wishing her eternal peace. Rest in peace, beautiful little girl. Lots of love

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