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1 Rajas Rotaract Club Zero Hour 19/10/2018

Date : 19.10.2018

Venue  : PHD Seminar Hall

Time  : 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Presenter  : Dr. Goma Kumar

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2 Clinical Society Meeting 16/10/2018

Date : 16.10.2018

Venue  : Silver Jubilee Auditorium

Time  : 2.00pm

Topic : Oral Complication and its management during radiotherapy

Oral Complication and its management during radiotherapy

Heratizing Dentigerous cyst

Presenter  : Dr. M. Kandasamy, MDS.,

Dr. Mohanapriya. R, II Year P.G

Ms. Josafine Ebinesha, CRI

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3 Clinical Forum 05/10/2018

Date : 05.10.2018

Venue : Conference Hall

Time   : 2.00pm

Topic          : Village of twins- A mystery to the scientific world

Presenter  : Dr. Vinej Somaraj, M.D.S., Senior Lecturer

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4 IRB Meeting 04/10/2018

IRB Meeting

Date 01.10.201804.10.2018

Venue Conference Hall

Time 11.00am

Topic Comparative evaluation of 6 different mouthselves among patients with plague indmealgingistis – RCT

Surface bio Engineering in Dental Implants – Changing trends from passive to active

Tri-Flaps for reconstruction of extensive Jacob’s ulcer

Steroids in central gaint cell granuloma

Resect & Rebuild – Fish Net Lesion 

Basic Life Support



Dr. Midhun & Dr. Babu

Dr. Chelsea & Dr. Vijila

Dr. Kalabagavathy

Dr. Jenin N T

Dr. Chandoorya

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5 Clinical Society Meeting 17/07/2018

Venur               :     Silver Jubilee Auditorium

Time                :     02.00pm

Topic  :

Microsurger - Possibilities beyond apex - case report

Chair side AIDS in Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

Maturity Indicators - Orthodontics view

Presenter   :

Dr.Rajesh Gopal, HOD Dept. of Conservative

Dr.R.Sangavi Dept. of Oral Medicine

Ms.Suganthapriya Dept. of Orthodontics

Convenor    : Dr.Mohan Raj J.P

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6 Triple O 02/07/2018

Venue         :     Seminar Hall, OMFS

Time           :     2.00pm

Topic          :     Case Discussion

Presenter   :     Dr.Jenin, Dr.Jerlin, Dr.Divya Jose

Convenor    :     Dr.Packiaraj

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7 Zero Hour 22/06/2018

Venue          :         Public Health Dentistry Seminar Hall

Time            :         3.00pm – 4.00pm

Topic            :         Waste Management discussion with Intern

Convener      :          Kr. Gomakumar

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8 Clinical Society Meeting 19/06/2018

Venue                   :         Silver Jubilee Auditorium

Time                     :         2.00pm

Topic                     :         Immidiate Implant Placement, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Aggressive central giant all granulama of Mandible – A review of Case report & Literature

Presenter               :         Dr. Kavitha.W-Dept. Of Periodontology, Dr. Jerlin Margret II Yr P.G, Ms. Poorani.K, C.R.I

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